Roles in the Play

Red Curtain will consider gender- and color-blind casting where appropriate. Ages listed are the characters’ suggested ages. For more info, email us or call 360.322.7402


SANTA CLAUS (Male, age 30-65)
You know Santa. This is going to be the most Santa of all Santas ever. He's gonna be roly poly and red-cheeked and jolly as all get-out. Big ol' beard and twinkly eyes a plus. Must be able to Ho for long periods of time. Will also be in some pretty violent scuffs. Stage combat experience a plus. May require mild stunts, like rolling, stabbing, screaming while the blood of your enemies flies on your face and squeezing through chimneys.
VULGARR – (Any gender, age 20+)
The dastardly Martian who doesn't trust earthling and has a distaste for fun and anything else inefficient. Must be able to project menace and relish playing the villain. Stage combat experience a plus.
KIMAR – (Any gender, age 20+)
The well-intentioned ruler of Mars. Rose to power through a bloody rebellion, but has since regretted his ways. Must have a commanding presence and loud voice. Stage combat experience a plus.
BILLY – (Male, age 10-30 to play a child)
A scrappy young boy who dreams of adventure. He gets kidnapped by the Martians with his sister. This role could be played by either a child or a young adult.
BETTY – (Female, age 10-30 to play a child)
A polite little girl who loves science. Gets kidnapped by the Martians with her brother Billy. This role could be played by either a child or a young adult.
DROPPO – (Any gender, age 18+)
A silly, stupid Martian who is basically a clown. Jar-Jar Binks-esque slapstick and general idiocy abound in the script. Must have no shame. Any clowning experience a plus. Will be doing mild stunt work, i.e. falling down, running into things, slipping, tripping, bumbling.
CHOCHIM – (Any gender, age 20+)
Any ancient alien god-being who has been imprisoned by a dark-science ritual. Will have crystals for eyes, probably. Will laugh menacingly. Looking for someone to bring gravitas to this role.
BULMAR – (Any gender, age 10-30)
A nerdy Martian child who is obsessed with Earth media. This role could be played by either a child or a young adult.
ANDERSON COOPER – (Male, age 25+)
Anderson Cooper is a reporter for CNN. He is world-renowned as a fair and inquisitive journalist who isn't afraid to run headlong into danger and mystery for a good story. Handsome, really handsome, and very handsome.
MARTIAN COUNCIL (3 characters)– (Any gender, any age)
Shakespearian aliens who wear green and debate the efficiency of their subterranean empire. Two featured roles and one supporting role.
ELVES (4 characters)– (Any gender, any age)
Need four people to play happy, sarcastic elves. Stature doesn't matter. Will be singing two songs in the show, so singing voice is a must.
MARTIAN WARLORDS (multiple characters)- (Any gender, any age)
Mad-Max-esque Martian raiders who live on the war-torn surface of Mars, fighting each other for resources and slaves.
TORG – (Any gender, any age - must be tall)
A murder robot programmed by the Martians to enjoy its job. Must have awesome robot voice.

Auditions Announced

The Red Curtain Foundation announces two nights of auditions for a hilarious romp through space and time, the brand-new original play by local playwrights Nick Poling and Alex DeRoest, our holiday offering of SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS, loosely based on the 1964 B-sci-fi film of the same name.

Audition Requirements: Come prepared for cold-reads. A 1-2 minute monologue is optional. The audition process will be conducted as a group audition (mostly cold readings from the script) rather than as single appointments. 

Martian children have become depressed and fail to live up to the Martians' draconian standards of productivity. The Supreme Leader of Mars seeks out the advice of an ancient God-being known as Chochim to ask what he must do. Chochim reveals that the children of Mars need the Joy of Christmas to save them from the soul crushing drudgery of life beneath the red planet. The Martians blast off to Earth, where they plan to kidnap jolly ol' St. Nick, but little do they know Santa won't go down without a fight. Can Santa Claus and his helpers use their happy magic to conquer Mars in time for Christmas morning?

To register for an audition, please email the RCF office and include your resume and headshot. Audition time begins at 7 p.m. Tuesday, September 27, and Wednesday, September 28. You may attend either (or both) audition days. If you have questions, contact us by email or at 360.322.7402.

The show runs December 2nd -December 18th, Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM and Sundays at 2PM. All auditions, rehearsals and performances are at the Red Curtain Arts Center at 9315 State Ave., Suite J, in Marysville (behind the Goodwill store). This is a non-paying, community theatre production.