Auditions Dec. 12-13

Tues.-Wed., 6-9 PM

Performances Feb. 15-18, 2018

9315 State Ave. #J • Marysville WA 98270 us

 360.322.7402 • Fed. ID #27-0316697


Roles in the Play

*Saul Kimmer: Male, 40s. Can be played by anyone who can appear to be in their 40s.
Saul is a producer who has been working closely with Austin on a project and becomes strangely transfixed by the idea of Lee. He is your typical Hollywood producer. He thinks big, wants you to think big, and has the money to back it up. He plays hardball, but isn’t unwilling to listen to new ideas and take a gamble every now and then. 

Female, Mid 50s to early 60s. Can be played by anyone who can appear to be in their mid 50s to early 60s. The boys' mother who has been off on a trip for sometime. The boys do not know when she is returning, but they know that they must take excellent care of her home and her plants. She is the type of person who won’t leave a single tea leaf in her sink as she believes that to be clutter. A character who is forever searching for something greater and can’t afford to pass up on the opportunity of a lifetime to meet one of the world’s greatest artists. 

Audition Information

"True West," by Sam Shepard, is the story of two brothers who embody two incredibly different sides of of the artist’s mentality. Austin, the busy body with an attention for detail, is a screenwriter taking care of his mother’s home while she is away in Alaska. He is thrown for a loop when his older brother, Lee, returns from a prolonged trip to the Desert. Lee, the idea man with an affinity to tell it like it is, is a small time crook who imbeds himself into Austin’s daily life and ultimately, his career. Over the course of the play we see how the artist’s mentality works, and how you can’t have your yin without your yang.

This play is a co-production between RCF and Porch Couch Productions (PCP), which was started by four gung-ho, vagabond, eccentric and wildly insane theatre students from Western Washington University who liked to improv on their front porch. Since those good times of improv (and graduation forcing us out), PCP has grown into a full fledged theatre company.

To reserve an audition slot, please email your headshot and resume, along with preferred date/time for audition, to Actors are asked to be prepared to tell a short story, be interviewed by the director, and read from the script. 

We are only auditioning for the roles of Saul and Mom, descriptions at right. RCF and PCP both believe in gender-blind and color-conscious casting, within the publisher's guidelines. Auditions and performances will be held at the Red Curtain Arts Center at 9315 State Ave, Suite J in Marysville.