Roles in the Play

 El Gallo (the Narrator/Bandit)
Matt (the Boy)
Luisa (the Girl)
Hucklebee (the Boy's father)
Bellomy (the Girl's father)
Henry (the Old Actor)
Mortimer (the man who dies – an actor, pretending to be an American Indian)
The Mute (who at times acts the part of the Wall - no spoken lines)

Auditions Announced

Auditions for "The Fantasticks" are set for Wednesday and Thursday, July 13 and 14, from 6 to 9 p.m. 

Whimsical, poignant, and romantic, "The Fantasticks" is an allegorical story that focuses on two young lovers, their meddling fathers, and the journey we all must take through adolescent thrills, the growing pains of hurt and betrayal, the highs of passion, the challenges of distance, and the agonies of heartbreak to discover how to truly love.

With the record for the longest American theatrical run, "The Fantasticks" is a gem of the American musical theatre. Featuring timeless classics like “Try to Remember” and “Soon It’s Gonna Rain,” this simple and beautiful ensemble piece is as beloved and as timely as it was when it opened over 50 years ago.

Audition (and performance) location is 9315 State Ave. #J, Marysville. The show is directed by Kent Johnson.

Auditioners should prepare a 2-minute comedic or serio-comedic monologue and a minimum 16-bar selection from a musical number (with sheet music). "The Fantasticks" runs for three weekends, September 9-25, 2016, opening Red Curtain's season in its new home.

To reserve an audition slot, email your name, phone number, email address and preferred audition appointment time to Please include your head shot and resume if available.